Lewis Brice (and Brother Lee!) Bring Fans Home to Meet the Family in 'Product Of' Music Video

Lewis Brice's first album comes out July 28

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By Liza Esquibias


Lewis Brice will never forget where he came from.

In his new music video for his song, "Product Of," the country singer gives fans a glimpse into his family — including a cameo from brother Lee. The song, which is also the title of Lewis' first album that comes out July 28, transports listeners into a more personal realm of his life, Lewis tells PEOPLE exclusively.

"I wanted to make "Product Of" the title track to this record because all these songs on the album are little stories and moments from my life," Lewis, 40, explains. "This record really captures everything from my roots to where I am today. A full culmination of what I am a 'Product Of.'"
Lewis Brice and Lee Brice. Photo: LEWIS BRICE/YOUTUBE
The video takes place in the country singer's hometown, Sumter, South Carolina, and from the start, viewers feel part of the Brice family. Driving on a road lined with trees and open fields, the first scene begins with Lewis in his big white truck on an empty road.

"I felt it was the only way we'd really be able to hit home what and where my brother and I come from, what we're a 'product of,'" Lewis said.

The camera cuts to a wedding photo of their parents, as Lewis calls his mom on the phone.

"I can't wait to see you — I love you," he says.
As the melody to "Product Of" begins to play, Lewis can be seen standing in a field, playing guitar behind a cloud of dust, then sitting with his guitar in an empty chapel and finally rolling his windows down as he arrives at his parents' home.

He greets his father in the garage, as the lyrics "I'm a product of a man/ Tames electric with his hands/ Tossed me my first football pass," play in the background.

Lewis then goes to see his mom, hugging her with one arm and holding his guitar in the other before the two sift through pictures of his childhood.

"Having my parents be a part of the video for 'Product Of' was so special!" the songwriter tells PEOPLE.
Throughout the chorus of the song, fans get their own seat in the Brice family living room, joining Lewis' mother and father as he serenades them with the song about their love story.

"Boy meets girl in a homeroom class/ Starts thinking forever can't come too fast/ Puts some overtime money down/ On a ring and a half acre piece of ground," the song goes.

It continues: "Before you know it, they're painting the front room blue/ Taking a lil' hell raiser to Sunday school/ Thanking God every day 'fore the sun comes up/ For the small-town love, I'm a product of."

As Lewis kisses his mom and hugs his dad goodbye, he reminds viewers of another family member who shaped him into who he is today — his brother.

"I just played 'Product Of' for Mom and Dad and they love it, and I was seeing if you felt like singing it with me tonight," Lewis asks his brother Lee, to which Lee replies, "Heck, yeah!"

Lee Brice and Lewis Brice. Photo: LEWIS BRICE/YOUTUBE
Lee, 44, tells PEOPLE he feels this song in his heart, saying that "the way that story unfolds in this video stops me in my tracks every single time."

"My brother Lewis is one of the most talented people I know… he's been putting his all into his songwriting skills and when I heard this one — 'Product Of'...man, this one really moved me. It was so great before I ever put my little part on the song or the video. I'm just proud to be a part of something that cool and close to home," he added.
The brothers share the spotlight at this part of the video, cutting between scenes of their packed concerts, recording studios and a tractor a muddy field — showing the juxtaposition of their lives then and now.

"Water tower town in the harvest air/ Funnel cake kiss at the county fair/ Wrapped in love like a barbed wire fence/ Two reckless kids been tangled up since," Lee and Lewis sing nostalgically.
Leading into the end of the video, the final verse gives one last description of their parents: "A hardworking, God-fearing, blue-collar son of a gun/ Tough as a bucket of nails/ A homecoming queen, sweeter than sun tea/ Sundress Southern Bell."

The video ends with the siblings' father wiping tears from his eyes, moved by the lyrics of a song he knew the story before it was even written. Lewis and Lee end their hometown show with their arms around each other, and their dad drives home with a photo of the boys when they were young displayed on the dashboard.